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Why you should always tell the full story

Stories are fascinating aren’t they? Not just because of the tales they tell, but because they’re so versatile. Even in a target-driven business environment. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the power of stories recently. Or more specifically, … Continue reading

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Ox carts, corrupt cops and cyclists

How culture affects driving and road safety One of the perks of working with JOMC is the opportunity to visit far flung places and experience first-hand the cultures prevailing in those countries. I’m usually being driven rather than driving, but … Continue reading

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What every good leader ought to know

People often ask where does leadership fit with safety? To me, that question sounds a bit like where does breathing fit with living? They’re inseparable. One and the same. Fundamental. Good safety in any organisation means people behaving safely. And … Continue reading

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Why do I get fat?

Our behaviour is the part of us that’s visible to others, that can be observed and studied. It’s not hidden within our brain away from view like our thoughts. Some of the actions we carry out every day are often … Continue reading

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