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3 powerful steps towards a safer, happier and more productive workforce

When persistent problems plague your organisation, talking your way out of the rut might seem like the least productive fix. Yet involving people in the process of improvement through conversation is a powerful way to rediscover what’s most important to … Continue reading

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Leadership and culture change the Mandela way

What we can learn from the late Nelson Mandela about great leadership and what it takes to effect change Continue reading

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Does your technology kill the conversation?

Drowning in management information? Mark Ormond explains how to stay afloat whilst empowering your staff. Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for

Steve Beswick shows how your innocent work targets translate into unsafe behaviour. Continue reading

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“This girlfriend is useless”

Climbing the Verdon gorge, Nick spots a situation that’s familiar to many managers. Continue reading

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Is work-related stress a health & safety or HR issue?

You probably don’t staff to a gym to build muscles for heavy lifting at work. So why do we send them on courses to cope with stress instead of reducing it? Continue reading

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It’s not what you say (it’s the way that you say it!)

I’ve just returned from an interesting week in Austria delivering SUSA Engagement training to German and Turkish lead trainers at a multi-national oil company. Thanks to their English being far better than both my German and Turkish we spent the … Continue reading

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How brave leaders keep people safer in tough economic times

It’s easy to feel blinkered by financial troubles during this period of economic uncertainty. As downsizing and rationalisation dominate headlines, job security fears can distract your attention at the expense of safety. “When money’s tight, management focus on survival. Staff … Continue reading

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Comm again?

I presented at the Hill Solomon Conference in Birmingham recently, on a day dedicated to engaging staff in health and safety. And many of the attendees were running programmes of behavioural safety and employee engagement. As the day progressed it … Continue reading

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