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Why you should cover all the bases

Steve learns the hard way when he overlooks an important hazard doing DIY at home Continue reading

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Is work-related stress a health & safety or HR issue?

You probably don’t staff to a gym to build muscles for heavy lifting at work. So why do we send them on courses to cope with stress instead of reducing it? Continue reading

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Why risk assessment misses the point

Mark Ormond looks at how emotion plays the larger part in weighing up threats to our safety Continue reading

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Why you should plan for risk

I’ve just made it back from two weeks in the South of France and I’m trying to get my head back slowly into the rhythm of normal work life. “What a lucky man” you might say; two weeks in the … Continue reading

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Why blame culture fogs the real issue

People were quick to blame the Costa Concordia’s captain when it ran aground and sank off the Italian coast. But in the haste to point fingers, blame culture fogged the real issue of poor risk assessment which contributed to the … Continue reading

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