What message does your site induction send out? If “I’m sorry but we have to do this” is the first thing new employees, contractors and visitors hear at your site, they might think your health and safety policy is just a box-ticking exercise. Or worse, that you don’t take their safety seriously.

Inductees are a captive audience. Keen to impress and often impressionable they’re incredibly receptive to messages that are critical to fitting in at your company. This means you have a valuable opportunity to give people a clear model of expected behaviour.

Lizz Fields-Pattinson answers your questions in this popular webinar video originally broadcast on Friday 24th February.

Watch the video on the JOMC YouTube channel

Lizz Fields-Pattinson
Our occupational Psychologist at JOMC, Lizz writes about what makes humans tick and how we interact and influence each other, as well as her ongoing war with temptingly delicious biscuits.

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